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Many volunteers say that assisting Ride a Wave is one of the most rewarding things they've ever done. Our amazing team helped over 500 kids enjoy the ocean in 2007. Don't worry, you don't have to know how to surf to help make a life-changing impact on a child with special needs!

Our active base of 300+ volunteers range from grade school children to senior citizens. They are as diverse as the communities in which they live, representing firefighters, doctors, nurses, EMTs, students, lifeguards, technology and business professionals, marine scientists, contractors, real estate agents, pro surfers, authors, actors, surf club members, and more. Former RAW participants have even become active volunteers!

We can't run the program without your assistance. Bring your signed waiver and come join the Ride a Wave team and lend us a hand in one or more of these capacities:

  • Beach Buddy
    Each participant is paired with a land-based beach buddy for the entire day who helps the child get the most out of his/her Ride a Wave experience.
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  • Body Boarding Guide
    When body boarding, each participant is teamed with a water-based guide to ensure maximum safety and help the child get the best rides possible.
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  • Kayak Paddlers and Beach Crew 
    The paddlers take participants out for a cruise outside the breaking waves. A 2-person beach crew remains on shore to ensure safe departures and landings.
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  • Tandem Surfer
    Advanced surfers who've been certified by RAW staff take participants out for a tandem surf session. Each tandem surfer has a team of four escorts for added safety.
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  • Tandem Surf Escorts
    Four escorts on soft-top surf rescue boards provide in-water support for each tandem surfer and child by following in the front, back and on both sides of the surfer.
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  • Setup / Teardown
    Each camp requires a lot of set up. After each camp, all that has been set up needs to be torn down and put away. Any help is appreciated as many hands make light work.
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  • Behind the Scenes
    Even when the summer beach camps are done, there is still plenty to do year round. This includes organizing fund raising events, scheduling the next year's events, acquiring insurance, PR, creating t-shirts, taking inventory, assembling goodie bags, web design, accounting, and more.
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When you help at Ride a Wave, you get to see smiles like this all day long!

[Ride a Wave Participant Getting Ready to Kayak]

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